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Writer's Block: On the Airwaves
If you had your own radio or television station, what would it be called and what kind of programming would it play?

It would be called MOSS.FM! and it would play the rockin'est, hip hop'enest beats from all of time, all the decades would be there, the 70's, the 80's... not the 90's so much I had to listen to s club 7 with my cousin Marie and I would rather NOT relive that thank you, the 2000's or "naughties" as people seem to insist on calling them. All of them there, all the different songs and... melodies. The thumping rhythms... the rowdy beats. Spliced in with that would be interviews from the sientists of the day, not the dusty old ones but the rebel scientists, like Robert Smith? And Nikola Tesla... had he not... actually... been dead for the past sixty years... 

Yep it would be good.

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Werent there any decades b4 the 70s??? ^o^

HELLO, I'm Dajve, totally nice 2 see u. Is that u in ur userpic? Cuz god how cute is ur afro! <3

Not as far as I'm concerned on RADIO MOSS.

Hello Dajve! Very pleased to meet your acquaintance. That's an unusual name- people are usually called Roy or Moss or Jen. Is the J silent and if not how on earth is it pronounced?

Thank you, it is indeed my very own afro.

It's Dajve like the TV Channel :-D

Is Moss ur first name? Cuz u dont look 2 mossy 2 me x

No that would Be Maurice. Everyone calls me Moss though, I don't know why exactly. Roy started it and it became the trend from there on out.

i read about that Robert Smith? guy if you ask me anyone who punctuates there name is a proper conch. even if he is into zombies.

anyway hey I'm Jones. you into tunes then? I DJ you shold catch one of my sets sometime (playin Hearn St Carpark tonight yeah its gonna go off!)

He's a rebel scientist I think he gets to do what ever he likes really. If I were a rebel scientist I think I would be called Moss! Well... Maybe without the exclamation mark I wouldn't want to excite anyone. They'd only be disappointed.

Hello Jones! I am. Well. No, I'm not. But I do like them, I think they improve life quality over all. You are DJing in a car park? Is that legal? And where is it going to go? Wont that disrupt your set?

you a scientist then? got the impresion you worked in computers like.

haha yeah it aint an actual carpark well it IS only they done it out as a club now see totaly legal only should still be good. Nothin like a proper basement bar like but hey, if im gonna be famous gotta start playin the commericial venues.

No I said IF I were a rebel scientist. That's why I'm only called Moss. I do work in IT yes.

Very best of luck with your endeavours! Slip a disk!

Don't literally do that, it would be very painful, it's just a play on the usual "Break a leg" you see, as you're a DJ.

Slip a disk, haha your CLASS man! yo ugotta come to one of my shows i wanna meet you :-)

I will certainly keep that in mind!

Ah, a trip to the mind of Moss. Always a memorable experience. Do people still say the naughties? God, that stopped being cheekily funny on Jan 2 2000, around lunchtime.

Well I know that's what you would have thought but I was on the tube (trains, not yesterday and I over heard one girl say it to another and they looked relatively in the know.


Yours sincerely.

M. Moss

What? Calm down! What are you talking about?

Look! Up there! Up in the thread! He wants me to come to one of his GIGS Roy!!! Do I look like the sort of person that goes to GIGS??? I just want to stay at home and watch QVC with my mum, or play Halo with you, I don't know how I get myself into these situations Roy I'm like a misguided child with a jack saw.

Ah, I see... I don't know, you could say no? It doesn't seem like that big of a deal, just say you're washing your hair or something. Or that you have leprosy, I don't know.

Roy! That would be rude!

Well thank you for your consern.

It's the internet though. Being rude on the internet isn't like being rude in real life. They can't beat you with a shoe for one.

Don't go in a strop.

Well I am shocked, shocked, at your attitude Roy!

I am not in a strop!

It's not even rude to turn this guy down though! He's a stranger on the internet, he's not going to weep himself into a hysterical mess because you couldn't make his gig. You don't have to do things just because people ask you to, man.

You are, clearly. An italics strop.

A hysterical mess? You are over reacting.

I am not in a strop.

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